As a socially responsible Company, we are inter-twined with the society and it has always been our endeavor to understand the problems of the communities and to try to mitigate the same. For us the success is measured how well we fulfill our economics, environmental and social responsibilities. CISC has always taken an active interest and participation in the social welfare of the community and in rendering assistance for the development of the people in the surrounding areas, which includes regular financial assistance to local schools to promote education.

The company’s initiatives towards fulfilling its philosophy of corporate social responsibility include employment opportunity of the local people, recreation facilities and emphasis or plantation etc. 

Being conscious of its responsibility towards society, the management has undertaken several programs for the welfare of the society and upliftment of the weaker section. This includes assistance to charitable organisations for treatment of Thalasemic children and education of underprivileged children.

Emphasizing on environmental friendly activities, the barren land around the mining areas has been converted in a green belt by plantation of trees. Moreover extensive and effective arrangements are in place in the mines for mitigating dust hazards by treatment of Haul Roads with water sprinkling and spraying arrangements in transfer points. Controlled Blasting is done so that population of nearby villages is not affected.

Deep-water tube wells have been installed in the mining areas and training has been imparted to the village residents for maintenance of these tube wells to ensure permanent availability of potable water. Company has also provided drinking water facilities to the villages. 

We are implementing the REHABILITATION & RESETTLEMENT POLICY (R&R) which is currently being pursued in the Trans Damodar Project.

Safety Action Plan of Ambey Mining
  • Strengthening of the safety control and realization of the mine safety responsibility for the production system;

    Improvement of the mine working condition;

    Promotes joint venture for the mining Projects enhancing safe education and safety standards.


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