Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should be designed within the framework of a Corporate philosophy, which factors the needs of the community and the region in which Corporate Entity functions. It should not be mistaken as charity, but it belongs to the core business of the Company.

CSR has to become a well thought-out, well-planned management strategy to make a positive impact on society and environment through sustained effort. Coal deposits are located in relatively remote and isolated areas with little contact with outside society. Mining activities have profound impact on the people living in and around the areas where mines are established. It changes the traditional lifestyle of the original inhabitants and indigenous communities and overall socio-economic profile of the area.

We opt for environment friendly technology keeping in mind that the environment and ecology must be protected, safe-guarded for future generations. We believe in conservation of resources and try to minimize wastage of resources in our service chain. Recycling is a help in conservation which facilitates disposal of toxic waste.

We ensure the availability of hygienic and good living condition with the assurance of basic amenities for our workers. We give special focus on the health of our workforce and their families and take active steps for providing dispensary facilities etc. and take part in various social schemes beneficial to the workers. We also ensure that their interests are safeguarded and we try to pertain to welfare measures as our prime responsibility. Unless our workers feel cared for, we can never be a cohesive force thus retarding the growth of our Company and losing the globally competitive edge.

AMPL is proactive in offering employment to the less privileged class at all levels of the organization structure. Upliftment of lower segment of society and giving them advantages to stand at par with the privileged one is a priority for AMPL. We believe in imparting education, setting-up of training facilities (skilled and vocational) including onsite training in our Company which is converted into employment opportunity post successful completion. Scholarship fund is set up in the name of the promoter to give a chance to the talents to show-case themselves. We try to give employment to the local inhabitants in the areas we work to help generate a sustainable and inclusive growth.

The society is an important stakeholder in the process of mine development and for sustainable development, it has to share the benefits of development of the mining projects.