Our core competency in complete Mine Development covers activities like Excavation, Haulage, Drilling, Blasting and Ancillary activities. With our resources deployed across India, we have the flexibility of adjusting the production segment vis-à-vis Equipment/Manpower deployment.



Sl.No. Principal Mine Location
01 Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) Bararee Colliery Patch-A Lodna Area
02 Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) Bararee Colliery Patch-F Lodna Area
03 Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) Bhowrah North Colliery E.J. Area.
04 Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) Rajapur South Jharia Opencast Project Kustore Area
05 Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) Ghutway Colliery Barora Area
06 Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) Ashok Opencast Project Piparwar Area
07 Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) Bilpahari Opencast Project Pandaveswar Area
08 Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) Sonepur Bazari Mine Sonepur Bazari Area
09 Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) Nakrakonda Opencast Project Bankola Area
10 Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) Rajmahal Opencast Project Rajmahal Area
11 Larsen & Toubro Ltd.(L & T) Panchami & Beliapur Stone Mining Birbhum district
12 Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) Kalinga Opencast Project Kalinga Area




Trans-Damodar Coal Mining Project
(A Public-Private Partnership Model with WBMDTCL)

Location Barjora, Bankura Districat, West Bengal
Principal Bengal Mineral Development & Trading Corporation Limited
Tenure 30 Years
Job Total implementation of the Project
Non-availability of land compelled opening of the mine from reverse direction. Coal production started in lowest development period, before the scheduled target set by the MoC.


Sarshatali Coal Mine

Location Raniganj Coalfield, Burdwan District, West Bengal
Principal CESC (R.P. Sanjiv Goenka Group)
Tenure 5 Years
Job Hiring of HEMM for removal of OB & extraction of Coal
Started operations in the west quarry within 3 months of Work Order, which was previously unapproachable for a period of 8 years. Assisting in smooth R & R of more than 150 PAF’s. Have also worked in their Eastern Quarry which was under active fire due to illegal underground mining. Approximately 75% coal recovered from this area was earlier written off as unrecoverable.


Kathautia Opencast Mine

Location Daltonganj, Jharkhand
Principal Usha Martin Limited
Tenure 5 Years
Job Hiring of HEMM for removal of OB & extraction of Coal
It was a challenge from the very beginning. Due to non-acquisition of land in right sequence, mining plan was disrupted. Heavy seepage and sudden inrush of water worsened the situation. Presence of extremist in the locality made mine operation an uphill task. Still, we have consistently achieved more than the target set by UML.


Rajmahal Expansion Project
(Essel Mining & Industries Ltd – AMPL–Ultra Tech Cement Consortium)

Location Godda District, Jharkhand
Principal Eastern Coalfields Limited
Tenure 12.5 Years
Job Removal of OB & extraction of Coal
Originally planned by Soviet experts, the most prestigious project of ECL, envisages production from 10 MTPA to 17 MTPA of coal, with deployment of 10-12 CuM capacity shovel and 100 te dumpers in OB and deployment of Surface miner in coal extraction.

It further involves 5-6 km in-pit hauling of coal till the receiving hopper via road and belt conveying system. Successful undertaking of Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan is a major factor in implementation of the project.


Bhubaneswari Coal Project
(As Consultant to Essel Mining & Industries Ltd.)

Location Talcher Coalfield, Angul, Odisha.
Principal Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
Tenure 15 Years
Job Removal of OB & extraction of Coal.
One of the largest coal mines in the country with peak capacity of 20 mtpa. This is the first mine of such capacity as a PPP model with MCL.
Surface miner in coal extraction and high capacity shovel of 12 CuM capacity with 100 te dumpers are already deployed in the project.
Operation started in October 2011, and the mine is operating as per schedule. Conveyor system shall be installed for taking coal from the quarry to the receiving Hopper of MCL.


Dharmasthal Coal Project

Location Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh
Principal BLA Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Tenure 3 Years
Job Hiring of HEMM for removal of OB & extraction of Coal
Enabled extraction of a number of deep-seated coal seams which was earlier not planned for extraction, by changing mining methodology and putting experienced team of man and efficient machinery.


Marki Mangli II, III & IV Coal Blocks


Mukutban, Dist. Yavatmal, Maharashtra


Topworth Urja & Metals Limited

Tenure 5 Years

Hiring of HEMM for removal of OB & extraction of Coal

Mobilized resources within 15 days of getting work order. Reached coal seam within 1 month despite presence of black cotton soil in the region.


Nerad Malegaon Coal Mine

Location Yavatmal District, Maharashtra
Principal Wani Coalfields Private Limited
Tenure 10 Years

Hiring of HEMM for removal of OB and evacuation of coal from quarry face and transportation to coal stock yard.

Development activities are currently being undertaken.