CSR Activities

CSR, a meticulously planned management strategy aimed at creating a positive impact on society and the environment through sustained efforts, lies at the heart of AMPL's organizational ethos. In February 2017, the AMPL Foundation was established to spearhead various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, aligning with the company’s commitment to social welfare and environmental stewardship.

Major Focused areas are:

  • Women’s Empowerment: Through skill development training, AMPL strives to empower women, fostering their professional growth and socioeconomic independence.

  • Underprivileged Children: AMPL is dedicated to nurturing the well-being and development of underprivileged children, ensuring access to quality education and essential resources.

  • Poverty Alleviation: In isolated and underdeveloped areas, AMPL endeavours to combat poverty by providing vital support and resources to impoverished communities.

  • Public Health and Sanitation: Construction of public toilets and provision of drinking water and sanitation facilities in schools contribute to improved public health and hygiene standards.

  • Healthcare Access: AMPL extends medical facilities to rural villagers, addressing their healthcare needs and promoting well-being within local communities.


Major CSR projects in the pipeline:

  •  ICU Establishment: Collaborating with the Marwari Relief Society Hospitals in Kolkata, AMPL aims to establish fully-equipped Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to enhance healthcare infrastructure and emergency medical services.
  • Limb Transplantation Camp: In partnership with Mahavir Seva Sadan, AMPL plans to organize a free limb transplantation camp near the RCML mine, extending critical medical services to those in need.

Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental Conservation: AMPL is committed to environmental preservation, implementing eco-friendly practices and technologies to minimize ecological footprint.

Resource Efficiency: Through efficient resource management and utilization, AMPL strives to optimize resource consumption and reduce waste generation across its operations.

Renewable Energy Adoption: Embracing renewable energy solutions, AMPL aims to reduce

reliance on fossil fuels and transition towards sustainable energy sources.

Stakeholder Engagement: AMPL actively engages with stakeholders to promote sustainability awareness and foster collaborative efforts towards environmental and social


Through its CSR and sustainability endeavours, AMPL exemplifies its dedication to creating a positive and lasting impact on society and the environment, embodying principles of corporate citizenship and sustainable development.


At AMPL, we recognize the critical importance of environmental stewardship in our operations. Operating in regions with varying degrees of water stress, we prioritize responsible water consumption and management. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond water conservation to encompass biodiversity preservation, energy efficiency, air quality management, and waste reduction. With a comprehensive approach guided by our environmental policies, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint while maximizing positive impacts on the environment.

Water Management

  • Implementing a stringent water policy to minimize fresh water consumption and
    maximize water reuse.
  • Ensuring water withdrawal remains below 5% of source capacity, with no adverse
    impact on natural water sources.

Biodiversity Conservation

  • Integrating biodiversity conservation throughout project life cycles, aiming for No
    Net Loss (NNL) or Net Positive Gain (NPG) of biodiversity.
  • Utilizing screening tools like the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT) to
    develop site-specific Biodiversity Management Plans (BMPs).

Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

  • Adopting global best practices in energy and carbon management to reduce
    emissions and enhance energy efficiencies.

  • Upgrading business management systems to achieve accreditation to energy standards, driving continuous improvement in energy performance.

Air Quality Management

  • Closely monitoring air quality impacts and implementing measures to minimize
    particulate release.
  • Applying air quality prevention and mitigation measures to safeguard employee
    health and environmental well-being.

Waste Reduction and Management

  • Prioritizing waste minimization and resource use efficiency across all operations.

  • Implementing waste management hierarchy principles, including recovery, reuse,
    and recycling, to minimize landfill or incineration.

Environment-Friendly Technologies

Embracing technologies that minimize environmental impact, including recycling and waste reduction measures in production-supply chains.

Tree Plantation

Engaging in extensive tree plantation initiatives to mitigate deforestation, promote biodiversity, and contribute to carbon sequestration.

Dust Suppression

Implementing advanced dust suppression systems such as dry fog systems, water
spray systems, and bag filters to control dust in various dry bulk material handling
areas, thereby preventing air pollution and ensuring a cleaner environment.

Safety, Health & Local Communities

AMPL transcends the boundaries of conventional corporate entities, embodying values that
extend beyond profit-making endeavours. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are deeply
committed to enhance the welfare of society and safeguarding the environment in which
we operate.

Community Health:

Recognizing our responsibility to local communities, we offer a wide range of health and disease prevention programs both on-site and through outreach initiatives.

Tailored health and wellness programs address specific community health needs, including disease prevention and treatment.

On-site facilities such as fitness centres and weekly health tips via email aim to promote healthy lifestyles among community members.

Specific stress management programs target at-risk groups within the community, such as drivers and shop floor operators exposed to high-noise areas.

We provide training and instruction on disease prevention and treatment, with localized programs addressing prevalent diseases like HIV and malaria.

Our commitment to community health extends to families of our workforce, ensuring access to comprehensive health and wellness services.

Through collaborative efforts with local stakeholders, we strive to create a healthier and more resilient community ecosystem.

Other Activities

AMPL Foundation, in alignment with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, has
been actively engaged in various projects aimed at uplifting communities and supporting
individuals in need. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, our
commitment to social welfare has been paramount. From providing food relief supplies to
supporting local organizations and contributing to sports development, our endeavours
reflect our dedication to making a positive impact on society.


Food Relief Supplies: Distributed essential groceries and food packages to vulnerable communities in RCML, ICML, AMRAPALI, and TUBED areas.

Assistance to Street Vendors: Distributed food packets among street vendors in Kolkata to alleviate their hardships during the pandemic.

Support to Social Welfare Organizations: Extended donations to Purvanchal Jan Kalyan Samiti, Shree Ranjit Foundation, and Kalna Misra Social Welfare Organization to aid their relief efforts.

Amphan Relief Operation: Contributed to the Amphan relief operation in the Sunderban region to assist communities affected by the cyclone.

Infrastructure Development: Supported the construction of boundary walls for Anganwadi centres and provided assistance for the purchase of blood donation and transportation vans in rural areas.

COVID Relief Contributions: Donated funds, R.O. systems, oxygen concentrators, and essential groceries to various regions including Barkagaon, Latehar, Raj Mahal, Durgapur, and Andal to support COVID relief efforts.

Sports Development:

– Women in Sports: Empowered women in sports, facilitating opportunities for them to excel in football, with several players securing contracts with international clubs.
– Ranjit Foundation: Collaborated with Ranjit Foundation to uplift athletes from economically challenged backgrounds, enabling their participation in state and national championships.

Healthcare Initiatives: Established a six-bed Intensive Care Unit at Marwari Relief Society Hospital and contributed towards the construction of a free residential learning center for rural girls near Joka, Kolkata.