CSR Activities


CSR , a well thought-out, well-planned management strategy to make a positive impact on society and the environment through sustained effort. AMPL Foundation was formed to take up various Corporate Social Responsibilities of the company in February’2017.

Major Focused areas are:

  • Women’s Empowerment utilizing skilled development training
  • The upbringing of privileged children
  • Reaching out to poor people in isolated/Underdeveloped areas to reduce poverty.
  • Construction of public toilets
  • Arrangement of drinking water and toilets in schools
  • Medical facilities for villagers


Major CSR projects in the pipeline:

  •  To build ICUs with equipment and gadgets in Marwari Relief Society
    Hospitals, Kolkata .
  •  Free limb transplantation camp near RCML mine in collaboration with
    Mahavir Seva Sadan


We opt for environment-friendly technology keeping in mind that the environment and ecology must be protected, and safeguarded for future generations. We believe in conservation and try to minimize wastage of resources in the production-supply chain.  Recycling is a help in conservation which facilitates disposal of toxic waste. Environmental issues are undertaken by us to provide close supervision on the surrounding natural environment and provide early warnings of any adverse changes that may be related to some dimension of our mining and allied operations.