Our Businesses

At AMPL, we excel in providing complete mining solutions, tailored to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Our services span the entire coal mining process, from exploration, excavation and transportation to crushing and washery operations. We undertake various projects, including HEMM contracting, MDO, and revenue-sharing arrangements, showcasing our versatility and industry know-how. As we expand our horizons, we’re also exploring opportunities to diversify into other mineral sectors, reinforcing our position as a leading player in the mining industry.


Our coal extraction operations prioritize sustainability and efficiency. Utilizing responsible mining practices, we ensure a consistent supply of high-quality coal to meet the energy needs of various industries. With a focus on reliability and environmental stewardship, we play a vital role in supporting the growth and stability of coal-related sectors.

MDO (Mine Developer & Operator)

At the heart of our operations lies MDO, a deeply personal commitment to overseeing every facet of coal mining, from exploration to extraction and land restoration. It’s about more than just managing resources; it’s a dedication to stewardship, ensuring that each step is guided by a profound sense of responsibility and care for the environment.

1. DVC- Tubed Coal Mine, Auranga Coalfield, Distirct Latehar, Jharkhand State. (JV) (2018-2034)

2. WBMDTCL- Gourangdih ABC Coal Block, Gourangdih, WB. (JV) (2021-20236)

3. WBPDCL- Tara (East & West) Coal Mining, (2022-2037)5

HEMM (Heavy Earth Moving Machinery)

HEMM embodies our reliance on large-scale machinery to drive coal mining operations,maximizing efficiency and productivity at every turn. It’s not just about the equipment; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for sustainable resource extraction.

1. CCL (Central Coalfields Limited)- Tetariakhar OCP, Rajhara Area. (2014-2019)

2. BCCL- Kantapahari Patch-II of AKWMC Colliery and AARC of Katras Area (JV) (2015-ongoing)

3. NTPC- Pakri Barwadih Coal Mining Project, Barkagaon, Hazaribagh Jharkhand. (2016-2019)

4. CCL- Amrapali OCP of Amrapali-Chandragupt Area. (JV) (2016- 2024)

5. ECL- RCML OC Patch, Under Rajmahal Area. (2018-2024)

6. ECL- Gaurangdih Begunia OC patch in Salanpur Area. (2018-2031)

7. BCCL- New Benedih Patch of Amalgamated Block-II OCP, Block-II Area. (2021-2026)

8. ECL- Gourangdih Expansion OCP under Salanpur Area.(2023-2033)

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing signifies more than just distributing profits; it’s about cultivating fair and inclusive partnerships by allocating proceeds from coal mining activities among all stakeholders. It’s our commitment to ensuring that everyone involved benefits equitably from our operations.


Crushing encompasses the transformation of raw coal into smaller particles, streamlining its transportation and utilization processes. It’s a vital step in the coal mining operation, ensuring that the coal is efficiently prepared for its journey from the mine to various  destinations.

1. ECL- Rajmahal Area. (JV) (2014- 2017)

2. ECL- Kenda Area. (JV) (2015-2022)

3. ECL- Pandaveswar Area. (JV) (2015-2023)

4. BCCL- Katras Area. (JV) (2015-2024)

5. WCL (Western Coalfields Limited)- Pench Area. (2018)

6. BCCL- New Benedih Patch of Amalgamated Block-II OCP, Block-II Area.

7. ECL- Gourangdih Begunia OC patch in Salanpur Area.

8. ECL- Gourangdih Expansion OCP under Salanpur Area.


A washery embodies the meticulous craftsmanship of coal processing, meticulously purifying the essence of this invaluable resource. Through careful curation, it elevates coal to its highest potential, ensuring purity and adherence to the most stringent industry benchmarks.


In our energy sector operations, we specialize in the comprehensive maintenance of Coal Handling Plants (CHP) systems across various power plants. Our services encompass unloading, loading, laboratory testing, track hopper maintenance, efficient ash management and others. By ensuring seamless operation and optimal energy production, we play a pivotal role in sustaining reliable power supply.”

1. DVC – Durgapur Thermal Power Station (DTPS) (2004-2012)

2. DVC – Mejia Thermal Power Station (MTPS) (2004-2013)

3. WBPDCL – Bakreshwar Thermal Power (BkTPP) (2010-2011)

4. DVC – Chadrapura Thermal Power Station (CTPS) (2011-2012)

5. MPL – Maithon Power Plant (2011-2012)

6. WBPDCL – Sagardighi Thermal Power Station (SgTPP) (2011-2012)


Our logistics division specializes in the efficient transportation of coal. With a strategic approach and a robust fleet, we ensure seamless delivery from mines to destinations. Trusted for reliability and timeliness, we play a crucial role in supporting coal-related industries.”

1.. MCL – Basundhra (West) Mine (2005-2010)

2. ICML – Sarshatali Area (2008-2012)

3. NCL – Dudhichua (2009-2011)

4. CCCL – Bachra Siding (2009-2012)

5. ECL – Rajmahal OCP (2009-2013)

6. ECL – Chitra Area (2010-2012)

7. Vedanta – Burkhamunda (2011-2012)

8. MCL – Lakhanpur Area (2011-2013)

9. BCCL – Bastacolla Area (2011-2015)

10. ECL – Sonepur Bazari OCM (2012-2014)


As we expand beyond coal, we are strategically planning to leverage decades of experience in mining to explore opportunities in diverse mineral sectors. With a proactive approach to market trends and strategic partnerships, we are actively identifying promising ventures. Applying our expertise, we aim to unlock the potential of various mineral resources, fostering growth and innovation across industries.